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Platinum Controls Ltd. was founded in 2008 to provide the customer with a higher-quality solution.  The customer will know, and deal directly with the owners and managers that have skin in the game. Platinum has been providing service to the industry that is second to none. We pride ourselves on being the "GO TO" team. From design to completion, Platinum is the right choice.


·Oil & Gas



·Pulp & Paper


A list of services Platinum Controls offers but is not limited to.

•Multi-discipline commissioning and start-up support

•System scoping

•Process Skid electrical & Instrumentation installations and maintenance
• Fire, Gas & Safety Systems installation and maintenance
• LV, MV & HV electrical installation and maintenance

• Instrumentation selection and installation and maintenance
• Electrical Commodity installation (lighting, XFMR’s, Cable, cable tray, conduit, grounding, etc.)
• Instrumentation Commodity installation (instrument raceways, materials and tubing)
• Electrical & Instrumentation device calibration and testing
• Fiber Optic cable installation, terminations and testing
• Highly defined QA/QC documentation for hand over to commissioning, start up and operations personnel  through our "Day to Day" tracking system.
• “Real Time” project controls for internal and external stakeholders

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